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Do bacteria really cooperate? What is the syntax and semantics of bacterial communication? How does selection at the gene, mobile element, bacterium and group levels shape the structure and function of cooperative traits? If such questions interest you, come and work with us.

We are looking for talented MSc, PhD and post-doc students for an ERC-funded interdisciplinary project. The project revolves around understanding microbial co-evolutionary processes across multiple levels of selection (selfish elements, bacterial-parasite interactions, cell-cell communication and community interactions) and across orders of organization ranging from protein structure to community behavior.


We are looking for students with a range of expertise in either experimental, computational or theoretical facets of biology (or all of them combined). Major areas of the project include:


  • High throughput screening

  • Microbial genetics

  • Time lapse microscopy of microbial biofilms

  • Directed evolution and competition experiments

Computational and theoretical:

  • Eco-Evolutionary models

  • Fitness landscape analysis

  • Systems biology models

  • Structural modeling

  • Analysis of high-throughput data

  • Image analysis 

Interested students, please contact Avigdor Eldar, or use the contact tab

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