Clonality and non-linearity drive facultative-cooperation allele diversity

 Ishay Ben-Zion, Shaul Pollak and Avigdor Eldar

ISME 10.1038/s41396-018-0310-y (2018) Download

Selection for increased quorum-sensing cooperation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa through the shut-down of a drug resistance pump

Ron D. Oshri+, Keren S. Zrihen+, Itzhak Shner, Shira Omer Bendori and Avigdor Eldar

ISME 10.1038/s41396-018-0205-y (2018) Download

Self-sensing in Bacillus subtilis quorum-sensing systems
Tasneem Bareia, Shaul Pollak, Avigdor Eldar

Nature Microbiology 10.1038/s41564-017-0044-z (2017)

Transient Duplication-Dependent Divergence and Horizontal Transfer Underlie the Evolutionary Dynamics of Bacterial Cell–Cell Signaling
Eran Even-Tov, Shira Omer Bendori, Shaul Pollak, Avigdor Eldar

PLoS Biol 14(12): e2000330 (2016) Download

Social evolution selects for redundancy in bacterial quorum sensing
Eran Even-Tov, Shira Omer Bendori, Julie Valastyan, Xiaobo Ke, Shaul Pollak, Tasneem Bareia, Ishay Ben-Zion, Bonnie L. Bassler and Avigdor Eldar.

PLOS Biology, 14(2): e1002386 (2016) Download

Facultative cheating supports the co-existence of multiple quorum-sensing pherotypes

Shaul Pollak, Shira Omer Bendori, Eran Even-Tov, Valeria Lipsman, Tasneem Bareia, Ishay Ben-Zion, Avigdor Eldar.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 113(8):2152-7 (2016) Download

(See also a commentary on this work by Pérez-Escudero and Gore on the same journal issue)

The RapP-PhrP quorum sensing system of Bacillus subtilis strain NCIB3610 affect biofilm formation through multiple targets, due to an atypical signal-insensitive allele of RapP
Bendori Omer Shira, Pollak Shaul, Hizi Dorit, Eldar Avigdor.

J. Bacteriol. 197(3): 592-602 (2015)

From Dusk till Dawn: One-Plasmid Systems for Light-Regulated Gene Expression

Ohlendorf, R., R. Vidavski, Eldar A, Moffat K, Möglich A.

Journal of molecular biology, 416(4): 534-542 (2012)

Macromotives and microbehaviors: the social dimension of bacterial phenotypic variability
Peter Reuven and Avigdor Eldar (Review)

Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 21 (6): 759-767 (2011) Download

Social conflict drives the evolutionary divergence of quorum sensing
Avigdor Eldar.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 108 (33): 13635-13640 (2011) Download

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